Reference Links

All cats are grey

All cats are grey was a good hypercomic to start with as it showed me how to make a hypercomic and I had fun reading it

Ashen Ray IV : BlackBird

BlackBird is a web comic which is influenced in the Japanese style of comic illustration.

Geeks Next Door

Geeks Next Door is based around Jessi and her house mates. It has many mini comic strips showing their advances. It doesn’t have much plot as it's a different story each time.

The Zombie Hunters

The Zombie Hunters is an action, drama, suspense, humour, guns, and gore web comic!  The illustrations are amazing and it has good use of colour!

Hypercomic: Hana No Kiseki

Hana No Kiseki is a hypercomic which is based around 3 people whose lives intervene with each other.

Ghost Farm

Ghost Farm is about a lonely vampire who befriends a ghost. I like the character design of the vampire.


Story about mushrooms!! I like its simple style